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英音 [ˈfɒləʊ] 美音 [ˈfɑloʊ]


vt.& vi. 跟随,接着;

vt. 继承;(按时间、顺序等)接着;从事;采用;

vi. 理解;发生兴趣;由此产生;跟着人(或物)去(或来);

n. 追随,跟随;[台球]推球,跟球打法(使竿击的球在击中目的球后继续滚动的打法);


  1. to travel behind, go after, come after;

    "The ducklings followed their mother around the pond"
    "Please follow the guide through the museum"

  2. be later in time;

    "Tuesday always follows Monday"

  3. come as a logical consequence; follow logically;

    "It follows that your assertion is false"
    "the theorem falls out nicely"

  4. travel along a certain course;

    "follow the road"
    "follow the trail"

  5. act in accordance with someone's rules, commands, or wishes;

    "He complied with my instructions"
    "You must comply or else!"
    "Follow these simple rules"
    "abide by the rules"

  6. come after in time, as a result;

    "A terrible tsunami followed the earthquake"

  7. behave in accordance or in agreement with;

    "Follow a pattern"
    "Follow my example"

  8. be next;

    "Mary plays best, with John and Sue following"

  9. choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans;

    "She followed the feminist movement"
    "The candidate espouses Republican ideals"

  10. to bring something about at a later time than;

    "She followed dinner with a brandy"
    "He followed his lecture with a question and answer period"

  11. imitate in behavior; take as a model;

    "Teenagers follow their friends in everything"

  12. follow, discover, or ascertain the course of development of something;

    "We must follow closely the economic development is Cuba"
    "trace the student's progress"

  13. follow with the eyes or the mind;

    "Keep an eye on the baby, please!"
    "The world is watching Sarajevo"
    "She followed the men with the binoculars"

  14. be the successor (of);

    "Carter followed Ford"
    "Will Charles succeed to the throne?"

  15. perform an accompaniment to;

    "The orchestra could barely follow the frequent pitch changes of the soprano"

  16. keep informed;

    "He kept up on his country's foreign policies"

  17. to be the product or result;

    "Melons come from a vine"
    "Understanding comes from experience"

  18. accept and follow the leadership or command or guidance of;

    "Let's follow our great helmsman!"
    "She followed a guru for years"

  19. adhere to or practice;

    "These people still follow the laws of their ancient religion"

  20. work in a specific place, with a specific subject, or in a specific function;

    "He is a herpetologist"
    "She is our resident philosopher"

  21. keep under surveillance;

    "The police had been following him for weeks but they could not prove his involvement in the bombing"

  22. follow in or as if in pursuit;

    "The police car pursued the suspected attacker"
    "Her bad deed followed her and haunted her dreams all her life"

  23. grasp the meaning;

    "Can you follow her argument?"
    "When he lectures, I cannot follow"

  24. keep to;

    "Stick to your principles"
    "stick to the diet"

follower n. 追随者,拥护者;信奉者,信徒;仆人;属下;
followership 追随品质;
following adj. 后面的,其次的;下列的;顺风的; n. 崇拜者,拥护者;下列,如下;跟随;随球; prep. 随后,在…以后; v. 跟随,接着(follow的现在分词);

follow about 跟踪,尾随;
follow current 持续电流;续流;
follow-through n. (球打出后的)后续打姿;(一个举动的)最末部分;坚持到底的动作或实例;
follow feed 跟踪送料;
follow-up n. [医]定期复查,随访;跟踪;后续行动,后续事物; adj. 重复的;补充的;继续的;接着的;
active follow 主动跟踪;
follow throgh 坚持到底,贯彻到底;
as follow adv. 依下列各项;
follow out 跟在…之后离开;贯彻,依照…完成;
follow scanner 跟踪扫描器;
spring follow 弹性随动件,随动簧;
follow symbol [计] 后继符号;
follow-on n. 随后发生的事;继任者;(板球)继续击球; adj. 后续的,随后发生的;
follow spot 跟踪聚光灯;追光;
follow treaty 守约;
follow-scene 移动摄影;
follow after... 追求,力求达到,力求取得;
follow suit 跟着做,照着做;如法炮制;踵武;依葫芦画瓢;
follow die 顺序模,系列压模;

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