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英音 [blɒk] 美音 [blɑk]


n. 块;街区;<英>大楼,大厦;障碍物,阻碍;

vt. 阻止;阻塞;限制;


  1. a solid piece of something (usually having flat rectangular sides);

    "the pyramids were built with large stone blocks"

  2. a rectangular area in a city surrounded by streets and usually containing several buildings;

    "he lives in the next block"

  3. a three-dimensional shape with six square or rectangular sides

  4. a number or quantity of related things dealt with as a unit;

    "he reserved a large block of seats"
    "he held a large block of the company's stock"

  5. housing in a large building that is divided into separate units;

    "there is a block of classrooms in the west wing"

  6. (computer science) a sector or group of sectors that function as the smallest data unit permitted;

    "since blocks are often defined as a single sector, the terms `block' and `sector' are sometimes used interchangeably"

  7. an inability to remember or think of something you normally can do; often caused by emotional tension;

    "I knew his name perfectly well but I had a temporary block"

  8. a simple machine consisting of a wheel with a groove in which a rope can run to change the direction or point of application of a force applied to the rope

  9. a metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling ducts of an engine;

    "the engine had to be replaced because the block was cracked"

  10. an obstruction in a pipe or tube;

    "we had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe"

  11. a platform from which an auctioneer sells;

    "they put their paintings on the block"

  12. the act of obstructing or deflecting someone's movements

  1. render unsuitable for passage;

    "block the way"
    "barricade the streets"
    "stop the busy road"

  2. hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of;

    "His brother blocked him at every turn"

  3. stop from happening or developing;

    "Block his election"
    "Halt the process"

  4. interfere with or prevent the reception of signals;

    "Jam the Voice of America"
    "block the signals emitted by this station"

  5. run on a block system;

    "block trains"

  6. interrupt the normal function of by means of anesthesia;

    "block a nerve"
    "block a muscle"

  7. shut out from view or get in the way so as to hide from sight;

    "The thick curtain blocked the action on the stage"
    "The trees obstruct my view of the mountains"

  8. stamp or emboss a title or design on a book with a block;

    "block the book cover"

  9. obstruct;

    "My nose is all stuffed"
    "Her arteries are blocked"

  10. block passage through;

    "obstruct the path"

  11. support, secure, or raise with a block;

    "block a plate for printing"
    "block the wheels of a car"

  12. impede the movement of (an opponent or a ball);

    "block an attack"

  13. be unable to remember;

    "I'm drawing a blank"
    "You are blocking the name of your first wife!"

  14. shape by using a block;

    "Block a hat"
    "block a garment"

  15. shape into a block or blocks;

    "block the graphs so one can see the results clearly"

  16. prohibit the conversion or use of (assets);

    "Blocked funds"
    "Freeze the assets of this hostile government"

Herblock [人名] 赫布洛克;
blockade n. 封锁;封锁部队;障碍物,阻碍物; vt. 实行封锁;阻塞,挡住;
blockage n. 堵塞,堵塞物;[医](心理)阻滞;封锁(状态);妨碍;
blockbuster n. 重磅炸弹,了不起的人或事;大片;风靡一时的事物;
blockbusting n. <美>街区房地产跌涨牟利;
blockhead n. 傻瓜,笨蛋;
blockhouse n. 碉堡,木舍,圆木小屋;
blockish adj. 似木头的,愚蠢的,固执的;
blocky adj. 短而结实的,斑驳的;
breechblock n. 尾栓,闩体,螺体;炮栓;炮闩;
cellblock n. 监狱中一组囚犯室;
roadblock n. 路障;<美>障碍; vi. 设置路障;
unblock vt. 除去障碍;
woodblock n. 木板,木版;版画;木刻版;

stumbling block n. 障碍物,绊脚石;
plummer block 止推轴承,轴架,轴台;
design block 设计块;
choke block 节流板;
sub block 子部件;
shifting block 拨头;
block gauge 块规;
block tin 锡块;
bridge block 桥砖;
occupied block 占用区段;
fourfold block 四轮滑车;
free block control block [计] 自由块控制分程序;
block by block transfer 逐块传送;
pixel block [医]象素块;
chimney block 烟道砌块;
block therapy 封闭疗法;
foot block 顶尖座;
block multiplexing 块(字组)多路(复用)法;
Block syndrome [医]布洛克综合征;
slide block 滑块,(剪切机的)滑架;
raggle block 防漏盖块;




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