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英音 [kɑ:st] 美音 [kæst]


vt. 铸造;投掷;投射;脱落,脱皮;

n. 铸型;演员表;轻微的斜视;投,掷骰;

vi. 掷,投;计算,加;


  1. the actors in a play

  2. container into which liquid is poured to create a given shape when it hardens

  3. the distinctive form in which a thing is made;

    "pottery of this cast was found throughout the region"

  4. the visual appearance of something or someone;

    "the delicate cast of his features"

  5. bandage consisting of a firm covering (often made of plaster of Paris) that immobilizes broken bones while they heal

  6. object formed by a mold

  7. the act of throwing dice

  8. the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel

  9. a violent throw

  1. put or send forth;

    "She threw the flashlight beam into the corner"
    "The setting sun threw long shadows"
    "cast a spell"
    "cast a warm light"

  2. deposit;

    "cast a vote"
    "cast a ballot"

  3. select to play,sing, or dance a part in a play, movie, musical, opera, or ballet;

    "He cast a young woman in the role of Desdemona"

  4. throw forcefully

  5. assign the roles of (a movie or a play) to actors;

    "Who cast this beautiful movie?"

  6. move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment;

    "The gypsies roamed the woods"
    "roving vagabonds"
    "the wandering Jew"
    "The cattle roam across the prairie"
    "the laborers drift from one town to the next"
    "They rolled from town to town"

  7. form by pouring (e.g., wax or hot metal) into a cast or mold;

    "cast a bronze sculpture"

  8. get rid of;

    "he shed his image as a pushy boss"
    "shed your clothes"

  9. choose at random;

    "draw a card"
    "cast lots"

  10. formulate in a particular style or language;

    "I wouldn't put it that way"
    "She cast her request in very polite language"

  11. eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth;

    "After drinking too much, the students vomited"
    "He purged continuously"
    "The patient regurgitated the food we gave him last night"

broadcast vt. 广播;播放;使广为人知;尤指用手播(种); vi. 播放节目;参加电台、电视节目的演出;发送传递信号,传播; n. 广播;电台、电视节目;播放时间;播种; adj. 广播的;播音的;广泛散布的;
cablecast vt. 用电缆(或有线)电视播送;
castanet n. (用硬木或象牙制成的)响板;
castaway n. 被抛弃的人,坐船遇难者,漂流者; adj. 被抛弃的,无价值的,遭难的;
caste n. (印度社会中的)种姓;印度的世袭阶级;等级(制度);
castellan n. 城堡主,寨主;
castellated adj. 造成城形的,构造如城的,有城的;
caster n. 投手,(家具的)轮脚,调味瓶;
castigate vt. 严厉批评;惩戒;对…实施严厉的惩罚;矫正,修订;
casting n. 铸造,铸件;角色分配;投掷;[动]脱落物; v. 扔掉(cast的现在分词);铸造;投掷;选派演员;
castle n. 城堡,堡垒;象棋中的车; vt. 把…置于城堡中;(下国际象棋时)用车护(王);
castled adj. 有城堡的,如城堡的;
castoff n. 被丢弃的人,废弃物; adj. 被丢弃的;
castor n. (家具的)小脚轮;调味品瓶;蓖麻;
castrate vt. 阉割,割除(睾丸,卵巢);使丧失力量;删改(文章等);
castrato n. 被阉的男歌手;
colorcast n. 彩色电视放送; v. 通过彩色电视放送;
dicast n. (古雅典)审判官员;
downcast adj. 情绪低落的,向下的;颓靡;
forecast vt. 预报,预测;预示; vi. 预报,预测; n. 预报;预言;
miscast vt. 指配不适当的角色,角色分配不适当;
narrowcast v. (为少量特定听众)小范围播送,用电缆电视播送;
newscast n. <美>新闻广播;
outcast n. 被抛弃者;流浪的人;被驱逐的人;流氓,无赖; adj. 被遗弃的;被逐出(家庭,国家)的;无家可归的;被排斥的;
overcast adj. 天阴的,多云的; vt. 使沮丧;包缝;遮蔽; n. [气象学]阴,阴天;遮盖物(尤指云、雾等;郁闷,忧愁,沮丧;[采矿]风桥;
precast adj. 预浇铸的,预制的; vt. 预制;预浇制;
radiobroadcast vt.& n. 无线电广播;
rebroadcast v.& n. 转播,重播;
recast vt. 再铸;重塑;改正;改作; n. 重铸(物);重新塑造(物);
roughcast vt. 涂粗灰泥于; n. 粗灰泥,毛坯; adj. 涂粗灰泥的;
simulcast n.& v. (无线电和电视)同时联播;
sportscast n. 运动比赛转播,比赛实况说明;
telecast v.& n. 电视广播;
typecast vt. 配合其型而决定角色,使模式化;
upcast n. 上抛,向上投掷之物,排气竖坑; adj. 向上抛的,向上的; v. 向上投掷,向上抛;
weathercast n. (无线电或电视播放的)气象报告;

cast after cast 逐层向上运土法;
master cast 主模型;
cast polymer 铸型用聚合物;
cast anchor v. 抛锚,定居下来;
cast down 抛下; 丢下;降低;使沮丧;
cast superalloy 铸造高温合金;
cast accounts v. 算账;
cast loose v. 解缆,使脱离;
cast form 铸造成形,铸型;
stone-cast n. 丢石子可及的距离;
plaster cast n. 石膏模型,石膏绷带;
CAST vt. 铸造;投掷;投射;脱落,脱皮; n. 铸型;演员表;轻微的斜视;投,掷骰; vi. 掷,投;计算,加;
squamiform cast 鳞形铸型;
flow cast 流铸型;
hot-cast 热铸;
granular cast 颗粒管型;
gutter cast 小沟铸型;
helical cast 反盘,螺旋排绕;
denture-cast [医] 托牙铸模;
duplicate cast [医] 复制模型;