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英音 [lɑ:st] 美音 [læst]


n. 末尾;最后;上个;鞋楦(做鞋的模型);

vt. 经受住;到…之后;够用;足够维持(尤指某段时间);

adj. 最近的;最后的;最不可能的;惟一剩下的;

vi. 持续;

adv. 上一次,最近一次;最后;


  1. the temporal end; the concluding time;

    "the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell"
    "the market was up at the finish"
    "they were playing better at the close of the season"

  2. the last or lowest in an ordering or series;

    "he was the last to leave"
    "he finished an inglorious last"

  3. a person's dying act; the final thing a person can do;

    "he breathed his last"

  4. the time at which life ends; continuing until dead;

    "she stayed until his death"
    "a struggle to the last"

  5. a unit of weight equal to 4,000 pounds

  6. a unit of capacity for grain equal to 80 bushels

  7. the concluding parts of an event or occurrence;

    "the end was exciting"
    "I had to miss the last of the movie"

  8. holding device shaped like a human foot that is used to fashion or repair shoes

  1. immediately past;

    "last Thursday"
    "the last chapter we read"

  2. coming after all others in time or space or degree or being the only one remaining;

    "the last time I saw Paris"
    "the last day of the month"
    "had the last word"
    "waited until the last minute"
    "he raised his voice in a last supreme call"
    "the last game of the season"
    "down to his last nickel"

  3. occurring at or forming an end or termination;

    "his concluding words came as a surprise"
    "the final chapter"
    "the last days of the dinosaurs"
    "terminal leave"

  4. most unlikely or unsuitable;

    "the last person we would have suspected"
    "the last man they would have chosen for the job"

  5. occurring at the time of death;

    "his last words"
    "the last rites"

  6. conclusive in a process or progression;

    "the final answer"
    "a last resort"
    "the net result"

  7. highest in extent or degree;

    "to the last measure of human endurance"
    "whether they were accomplices in the last degree or a lesser one was...to be determined individually"

  8. not to be altered or undone;

    "the judge's decision is final"
    "the arbiter will have the last say"

  9. lowest in rank or importance;

    "last prize"
    "in last place"

  1. most_recently;

    "I saw him last in London"

  2. the item at the end;

    "last, I'll discuss family values"

  1. persist for a specified period of time;

    "The bad weather lasted for three days"

  2. continue to live through hardship or adversity;

    "We went without water and food for 3 days"
    "These superstitions survive in the backwaters of America"
    "The race car driver lived through several very serious accidents"
    "how long can a person last without food and water?"

-blast 表示“胚(芽)”,“胚胎”,“胚层”,“细胞”,“原基”:idioblast, splanchnoblast(内脏原基);
-plast [医]〔后缀〕表示任何原始的活细胞;
ballast n. 压舱物,压载物;道渣,碎石;镇流器;<比喻>沉着; vt. 给某物装上压舱物;给…铺道渣;使稳定;使沉着;
blast n. 爆炸;一阵(疾风等);(吹奏乐器、哨子、汽车喇叭等突然发出的)响声;突如其来的强劲气流; vt. 击毁,摧毁;尖响;裁判高声吹哨;枯萎:使枯萎; vi. 爆炸;吼叫;枯萎:枯萎;攻击:严厉批评或猛烈攻击;
blepharoplast n. 生毛体,毛基体;
chloroplast n. 叶绿体;
chromoplast n. 色素母细胞,成色素细胞;
clast n. 碎屑(岩);
cnidoblast n. 刺细胞(腔肠动物的防御器,生于体壁的外层);
cytoplast n. 胞质,细胞质;
entoblast n. 内胚层;
epiblast n. 外胚叶(成为外胚叶),外胚层;
erythroblast n. 成红细胞细胞,有核红细胞;
fibroblast n. 成纤维细胞;
hematoblast n. 血小板,血胚细胞;原血细胞;
hypoblast n. 内胚层,下胚层;
iconoclast n. 攻击传统观念的人;<史>反对崇拜圣像者;
idioblast n. 异细胞,自形变晶;巨细胞;
kinetoplast n. 动基体;动体;
lasting adj. 持久的,恒久的; v. 继续存在( last的现在分词);耐用;维持(last的ing形式);延续,持续; n. 耐久;纺] 厚实斜纹织物;
leucoplast n. 白色体;
lymphoblast n. 成淋巴细胞,淋巴母细菌;
megaloblast n. 巨成红细胞,幼巨红细胞,巨母红细胞;
melanoblast n. 成黑素细胞;
mesoblast n. 中胚层;
myeloblast n. 成髓细胞,原(始)粒细胞;
neuroblast n. 成神经细胞;
oblast n. 州(前苏联各加盟共和国的行政区划名称);
odontoblast n. 成牙质细胞;
osteoblast n. 成骨细胞;造骨细胞;
osteoclast n. 破骨细胞;折骨器;
outlast vt. 比…长久,比…活得长;
parablast n. 副胚层;
periplast n. 质膜,(尤指裸藻的)周质体;细胞膜;
planoblast n. 浮游水母;
plasmablast n. 成浆细胞,浆母细胞;
protoplast n. 原物;原型;原人(指人类的始祖);原生质体;
sandblast n. 喷沙,喷沙器; v. 喷沙;
spheroplast n. (原生质)球形体,原生质球,去壁细菌细胞;

last cry 最新时装,最新流行品,最后的定论;
last quarter n. 下弦月,下弦月至新月间的时间;
Last Supper n. 最后晚餐;
last day n. 最后审判日;头天;
last straw n. 导致失败的最后一击;
last judgment n. (神的)最后审判日;
last-ditcher n. 斗争到底者,不投降者;
last resource 最后手段;
last night adv. 昨晚;
last sheet 尾筛,末道筛;
last class n. 最后一堂课;
LAST n. 末尾;最后;上个;鞋楦(做鞋的模型); vt. 经受住;到…之后;够用;足够维持(尤指某段时间); adj. 最近的;最后的;最不可能的;惟一剩下的; vi. 持续; adv. 上一次,最近一次;最后;
last gasp [医]临终大喘息;
last macro 最后宏指令;
last character 最后字符;
last date 终日;
last stage 末级;
last statement 最后陈述;
last page 结束页号;
last sleep n. 死,长眠;
last saved n. 上次保存时间;




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