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英音 [pəʊst] 美音 [poʊst]


n. 邮件;邮政;柱,桩,杆;岗位;

vt. 张贴;宣布;设岗;邮寄;

vi. 快速行进;

adj. 有关赛跑(或赛马,赛狗)起点标志的;

adv. 〈外〉在后;用急件[驿马];赶紧地,火速地;


  1. the position where someone (as a guard or sentry) stands or is assigned to stand;

    "a soldier manned the entrance post"
    "a sentry station"

  2. military installation at which a body of troops is stationed;

    "this military post provides an important source of income for the town nearby"
    "there is an officer's club on the post"

  3. a job in an organization;

    "he occupied a post in the treasury"

  4. an upright consisting of a piece of timber or metal fixed firmly in an upright position;

    "he set a row of posts in the ground and strung barbwire between them"

  5. United States aviator who in 1933 made the first solo flight around the world (1899-1935)

  6. United States female author who wrote a book and a syndicated newspaper column on etiquette (1872-1960)

  7. United States manufacturer of breakfast cereals and Postum (1854-1914)

  8. any particular collection of letters or packages that is delivered;

    "your mail is on the table"
    "is there any post for me?"
    "she was opening her post"

  9. a pole or stake set up to mark something (as the start or end of a race track);

    "a pair of posts marked the goal"
    "the corner of the lot was indicated by a stake"

  10. the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office;

    "the mail handles billions of items every day"
    "he works for the United States mail service"
    "in England they call mail `the post'"

  11. the delivery and collection of letters and packages;

    "it came by the first post"
    "if you hurry you'll catch the post"

  1. affix in a public place or for public notice;

    "post a warning"

  2. publicize with, or as if with, a poster;

    "I'll post the news on the bulletin board"

  3. assign to a post; put into a post;

    "The newspaper posted him in Timbuktu"

  4. assign to a station

  5. display, as of records in sports games

  6. enter on a public list

  7. transfer (entries) from one account book to another

  8. ride Western style and bob up and down in the saddle in rhythm with a horse's trotting gait

  9. mark with a stake;

    "stake out the path"

  10. place so as to be noticed;

    "post a sign"
    "post a warning at the dump"

  11. cause to be directed or transmitted to another place;

    "send me your latest results"
    "I'll mail you the paper when it's written"

  12. mark or expose as infamous;

    "She was branded a loose woman"

bedpost n. (四帷柱床的)床柱;
compost n. 堆肥;混合,合成; vt. 施堆肥;把(蔬菜等)制成堆肥;
doorpost n. 门柱;
gatepost n. 门柱;
guidepost n. 路标,路牌;指路牌;
heelpost n. 门柱;船尾柱;
impost n. 税,关税;拱端托;拱墩;
lamppost n. 灯杆,路灯柱;
milepost n. (英里)里程标志,里程碑;英里程标;
outpost n. 前哨;警戒部队;前哨基地;边区村落;
post- pref. 表示“在…后”之义;
postage n. 邮费,邮资;
postal adj. 邮政的;邮政局的; n. <美口>明信片;
postaxial adj. 轴后的,轴背的;
postbellum adj. 战后的,美国南北战争后的;
postbox n. 邮筒,信箱;
postcava n. (畜类的)后腔静脉;
postclassical adj. 古典时期以后的;
postcolonial adj. 殖民地时期之后的;
postcranial adj. 颅后的,颅下的;
postdate vt. 填迟…的日期; n. 事后日期;
postdiluvian adj. <圣经。创世记>中记述的大洪水后的;
postdoctoral adj. 博士后的;
postembryonic adj. 胚后期的;
poster n. 海报,招贴,公告;招贴画;张贴者;[古语]急行的人,匆忙赶路的人;
posterior adj. (时间上)较晚的;在后的;后面的;尾部的; n. 身体后部,臀部;
posteriority n. 后天性,在后;后验;
posterity n. 后代,后世;子孙;后裔;儿孙;
postern n. 后门;后门的;
postexilic adj. 放逐到巴比伦后的;
postfix n. [语] 后缀;词尾; vt. 加字尾于;
postfrontal adj. 后额的; n. 后额骨;
postganglionic adj. (神经)节后的;
postglacial adj. 冰河期以后的;
postgraduate adj. 研究生的; n. 研究生;
posthaste n. 特快; adj. 特快的;
posthole n. 地上所掘的插旗杆或电线用的洞;浅油井;
posthumous adj. 死后的;遗腹的,死后出生的;作者死后出版的;
postiche n. <法>仿造品; adj. (建筑装饰等的)硬加的,画蛇添足的;

Post n. 邮件;邮政;柱,桩,杆;岗位; vt. 张贴;宣布;设岗;邮寄; vi. 快速行进; adj. 有关赛跑(或赛马,赛狗)起点标志的; adv. 〈外〉在后;用急件[驿马];赶紧地,火速地;
post- pref. 表示“在…后”之义;
post up 登录于;从日记簿过(账)于分类账;公布;张贴;
post captain n. 上校舰长;
spur post 斜柱;
body post 车体立柱,螺旋桨柱,内艉柱;
post fence 柱式护栏,护柱;
post reference 过账依据;
post annealing 焊后退火;
vertical post 竖柱;
queen post n. 支撑屋顶的内柱,雌柱;
post. [医][=posterior]后的,后面的;
POST n. 邮件;邮政;柱,桩,杆;岗位; vt. 张贴;宣布;设岗;邮寄; vi. 快速行进; adj. 有关赛跑(或赛马,赛狗)起点标志的; adv. 〈外〉在后;用急件[驿马];赶紧地,火速地;
post post puller 回柱机;
post pallet 立式托盘;
post crown 桩冠;
central post 中心柱;
water post 给水站;
post-audit [法] 事后审计;
post-mortem adj. 验尸的;死后的;事后的; n. 验尸;尸体解剖;事后的调查分析;
ground post [医]地线接柱;




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